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By Her Side.
Available On April 4th, 2023 Mrs. Parks' Birthday

Elaine Eason Steele Autiobiography of her 45 years by the side of Mrs. Rosa Parks Elaine Eason Steele's 45-year journey, from 1961 to October 24, 2005 with Mrs. Rosa L. Parks,
her closest friend, mentor, fellow-traveler, fellow-activist and “Mother of The Modern Civil Rights Movement.”
I Never Played Catchh With My Father Audible Buy on Audible, Amazon, iTunes
From former Oprah guest author, Gene Cartwright. Based upon a true story - family and baseball
Hardcover, Softcover, eBook, & Audiobook From past Oprah guest author. Based uon a true story.
For mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters.
In Her First Life Historical fiction Featured First Edition Hardover Novel. Contemporary & Historical Fiction
Hardcover, Softcover & eBook | Details.

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By Her Side Book Rosa Parks with her longtime assistant, Elaine Steele, at the American Academy of Achievement program in Sun Valley, Idaho.